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Sameer Tilak is an Associate Research Scientist in the Qualcomm Institute, the UC San Diego division of Calit2. His research interests include sensor networks, stream data processing, mobile computing, and cloud computing. Tilak is also involved in designing and developing cyberinfrastructure for large-scale sensor networks. He has served as PI/Co-PI/Senior Personnel on numerous grants from NSF and private foundations. He is the PI of NSF-funded Sensor-Rocks award that is developing a novel integrated framework to improve software Operations and Management (O&M) and power management in environmental observing systems. He is also the PI of NSF-funded SenseHealth award for developing a platform to enable personalized healthcare through context-aware sensing and predictive modeling using sensor streams and Electronic Medical Record  (EMR) data. In particular, this project is developing a novel cyberinfrastructure (CI) to automatically process and incorporate volumes of real-time data from sensors tailored to the individual in the context of personal EMRs and available environmental data. A core component of the CI is a collection of quantitative, predictive models that are sensitive to concerns across age, diseases, and health and variety of patient situations (ranging from low priority with no consequence on patient management to high priority requiring emergency evaluation), and sensor failures. The models will be integrated with a distributed real-time stream data processing system and a complex event stream processing engine to process sensor data in a scalable and fault-tolerant manner. In essence, SenseHealth is an essential step toward providing a real-time 360-degree snapshot of health to optimize patient-centered, evidence-based decisions and to empower patients to participate in their own healthcare.

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