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Dr. Kerr leads several NCI-funded projects collecting and processing GPS data, including developing software to aggregate and process GPS data. She has led a review and several workshops on this topic and can help researchers include GPS data in their projects with protocols for IRBs, data collection, processing, matching with GIS etc.

Dr. Kerr works on several NIH-funded R01 projects with Dr. Jim Sallis on neighborhood correlates of physical activity in children, teens, adults and older adults, including two IPEN studies in adults and teens.

Dr. Kerr is PI of three NCI-funded R01 grants using machine learning techniques to classify physical activity types and sedentary behaviors from raw accelerometer, GPS and heart rate data. Annotated truth images from a SenseCam person worn camera are employed in this work and Dr. Kerr is helping to advance this field.

Dr Kerr’s expertise in physical activity and location measurement inform improved evaluation of behavior change interventions. An example is the NHLBI funded MIPARC study in Continuing Care Retirement Communities, which includes community advocacy.

For an up-to-date publications list see Google Scholar.

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